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I followed opportunity West in early 1970’s from Missouri and settled in TUCSON AZ working for the afternoon newspaper the TUCSON CITIZEN which covered AZ and Mexico during the Golden Years of Newspapers, the Citizen covered Southern Arizona for 138 years. I worked there for thirty-six and thirty of those years I served as photo editor. This position allowed me to work with some of the finest photographers in the business and it was always exciting. During those years, I became interested in SCUBA and the PreHistory of the SouthWest, both allowed me new material for my camera. Today, I am becoming newly acquainted with some of my old haunts and know I will find others. Chester, my lead Sheltie, while loyal and faithful, isn’t worth a hoot, when it comes to gunfire or godforbid cannonfire or thunderstorms, otherwise, he faithfully hangs by my side. He also hates cholla in his paw. Look over our site SouthWestPhotoBank.Com and come back. We change daily and promisedland oldorderamish.wordpress.com is an extension of that brand and moving toward its own…

TUCSON, AZ 520 742-6214

Best way to see the entire Canyon and to visit Thunder River.

Splashing through Rapids on the Colorado River


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